About us

Guus Bokkerink, surgeon and inventor of the Laparoscopyboxx

Hi there! I'm Guus, surgeon and inventor of the Laparoscopyboxx. In the first year of my surgical residency, I quickly developed a huge interest for laparoscopy.

Because I wanted to improve my skills in this area, I went out in search of a box trainer. Unfortunately, they were unaffordable. Price tags of over a thousand euro were more the norm than an exception – so, I decided to build one myself.

After trialing many designs (some of which failed, but that happens), I finally came up with the perfect design for the Laparoscopyboxx. A simple but qualitatively good box trainer that is not only affordable but also very practical in use. I am currently in a fellowship in oncological pediatric surgery.

Do you have questions, suggestions or comments? Email us at: info@laparoscopyboxx.com.