Frequently asked questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find your question? Then please contact us via our contact page or

1. How do you assemble the Laparoscopyboxx?

Please check out our assembly instruction videos. We have done our absolute best to make the assembly of the Laparoscopyboxx and its components as easy for you as possible.

2. Can I use my own instruments on the Laparoscopyboxx?

Yes, of course!

3. Where can I download the Laparoscopyboxx App

Our Laparoscopyboxx App is a web App. So, you don’t have to install anything. We do recommend that you create an account so you can track your progress. The App can be found on

4. Is the Laparoscopyboxx validated?

Not yet. Even though we are currently working on this, in our opinion we should stop with the validation of training material and begin with the actual practice of training itself. Would you like to collaborate on a study with us to validate a cardboard box? Then contact us!

5. Is virtual reality a better training method?

The development of virtual reality trainers has increased enormously in recent years. And yet, it’s still difficult to simulate tactile feedback in a realistic way.  Moreover, the feel of the tissue and the behavior of a simple suture is nowhere near what it should be. Therefore, in our professional opinion, box training is still the best training method.

6. I'm missing a part, what now?

Is your Laparoscopyboxx incomplete, have you lost a part or has something broken? Please let us know.

For the exercises, standard everyday house, garden and kitchen materials are used, which can be easily purchased at a supermarket. Perhaps this might inspire you with ideas for new exercises. Let us know if you’ve thought of something new!

7. Pick-up & delivery

Although delivery within the Netherlands is free, you are more than welcome to pick up your  Laparoscopyboxx. To pick up your order, reach out to us for an appointment.

8. Exchange & return

Service comes first, so we strive to resolve all problems as colleagues. Return/refund is not a problem as long as it is within 30 days of receipt of your order.